Newsletter 1: February 2016

Welcome to a new year, filled with excitement and learning!  We, at Op die Plaas Preschool were working around the clock to improve the learning environment. We kicked off the year with 55 children and we are fortunate to make an impact in their lives.

Thank you

First of all we would like to thank the Sanctomonia partners, Stuart Hunter and Rikus Badenhorst for their generous donation!  We were able to upgrade and improve our school. We are so thankful and the children enjoy the new space.

Thank you to Pierre du Preez for the paving and built-up area in the playground. It makes a huge difference to the play area and surroundings.

Thank you to Phil Bristow and his partner for all the hard work with the basement.  We will soon be able to use that basement for an aftercare facility.

Thank you to Jane Barnes for the beautiful mural.  The wall looks so bright and colourful – it is a pleasure to walk down the stairs in the morning.

Thank you to Edward Bennett for helping us with our administration.  He is also involved at the Heldervalley Community Centre and he will be playing an important role in the Grade R computer literacy program. Thank you Jo Swart!  You are precious! Thank you for all the hours spent driving, organizing and working to make this possible. Last but not least we would like to thank all the volunteers for serving us during this time.

We have upgraded our entrance and existing jungle gym and also received another jungle gym. We tiled the Grade R class and office and we are amazed to see the difference.   Xavier (a local handyman) has diligently removed the tiles from the ablution blocks and we will soon be able to upgrade those bathrooms.

New staff and substitute

We would like to thank Marissa for standing in at the Grade 0 class.  All your hard work to lay a foundation is highly appreciated.  We employed a new Grade 0 teacher, Tonya Spammer and we are excited to have her on our team. We also employed an assistant, Lizelle and a substitute for Estelle.  Welcome to all – we are proud of you!

Parent meeting

We had our first parent meeting and 35 enthusiastic parents attended.


We celebrated our third birthday on 22 January.  Thank you Jolieta, Janine and Shannon for the cakes as well as the UCSA team who arrived with balloons and games.  We are so grateful to look back and see where we are now!

Taking hands

Our church, Life Church, has another pre-school and this year we will be supporting each other more. I have been appointed as Principal of Little days as well and I am proud to say that we are building a relationship with the staff there.


We are fortunate to be sponsored for the third year and Sanet, the instructor has already done 3 classes.

Upcoming events

On 12 February we will have a Valentine’s picnic at the school and on 25 and 26 February we will be going on our first outing to Helderberg Farm.  We are looking forward to the outdoor area and a picnic.

After this mouthful, I invite you all to stay connected to our Facebook page, because something interesting will always happen at Op die Plaas Pre-school!

Christelle Venter (Principal


Newsletter 5 – November 2015

We are running to the finish line of 2015! We had a blessed year, filled with adventure and great memories.

Thank you

We are so grateful for all the angels that arrived at Op die Plaas Preschool throughout the year. Without your commitment and love our days would have been filled with challenges.

Thank you to the Heldervalley Centre, Gaenor and Louise for the weekly computer lessons.  The children were enriched and educated. A big thank you to Sanet Uys and Dirk Cilliers from Monkeynastix as well for the classes and blessings throughout the year.  The learners are so proud to come and show off what they have learned.

Thank you to Bilinda and her creative team from Life church who worked so hard to create décor and costumes for our concert.  The children cannot wait to dress up and have fun and I know the concert will be a huge success.  Thank you to Kathy and her team from the Somerset West Night Shelter for the beautiful skirts for the concert. Thank you Bill Guthrie! He drove through storms  and faced challenges, but he diligently bought and delivered the school’s groceries.  Thank you to Masikhule training centre for the training of our assistants.  Thank you Heidi and Halli for the exciting visits and support. Thank you to Ulandi Barry, Johan Huisamen, Reenen Barry and Madeleine Labuschangne for the support this year and for the concert juice.  Thank you to Annelynn Denyssen for the gifts at the concert. Thank you to Phillip for the sound at the concert and Elri for taking the Graduation and concert photos. If I left someone out, please know that you are loved and treasured by us.

Open Day

We are proud to announce that our registration for 60 students has been approved.  We are excited to see how the new journey will unfold.  Please keep us in your prayers, as there are always important decisions that have to be made.

On 7 November we hosted a successful open day.  We invited parents and children who applied for 2016.  The parents were introduced to the school program and the premises and the children had a great time in their new classes.

Upcoming events

We will have our end of year concert on  27 November @ 18:00.  Tickets are available at the school or at Life church, Somerset West.  The cost is R10,00 for an adult and R5,00 for a child.  A hotdog and a juice are included in the ticket price.

Last car boot sale for 2015

Please support our last car boot sale on 5 December from 10:00-11:30 at the school.  We have a tremendous amount of clothes for sale.

Op die Plaas Christmas party

Members of Life church, Somerset West are busy preparing gift boxes for each child.  Thank you so much! The party will take place on 11 December @ 11:00.  Please feel free to join us at the school for a fun-filled morning.

School close

The school will close on 11 December at 12:00 and will reopen on 12 January 2016.

To my staff:  Thank you for all the hard work, patience and love.  You are a great team and I am so proud of each one of you.

To all the parents and learners:  Thank you for a wonderful year.  It was an honor to be a part of your lives.  Thank you for trusting us to make a difference in your child’s life.  We pray that you will have a blessed Christmas season and come back with a fresh outlook for 2016. To the Grade R learners:  Good luck with Grade 1 – we know that you will enjoy Primary school.



Christelle Venter


newsletter -September 2015

Spring is in the air!  We are grateful for the sunny days, it was a cold and wet season at the school!


We had some interesting events lately!  On 31 August we invited three other farm schools in the area to enjoy a puppet show with us. We hope to build a relationship with these schools and also make a difference in their lives. The UCSA  team (United Christian Student Association) shared a Biblical message and a puppet show and the children had lots of fun with the guests.


On 3 and 4 September the junior class and Grade R class visited the Strand Fire station.  The firemen explained the fire-fighter’s gear and equipment and gave us a glimpse of a day in their shoes. We were so proud of our learners when they recited the emergency number and safety lessons taught at school.  The children took a drive in the fire trucks and sprayed water with a fire-hose.  It was a memorable event.  Thank you to all the staff at the station.  We honor your commitment and service to the community.

Halli visit

Halli, the mascot visited our school.  This time he talked about road safety.  Heidi Naude and her mascot have created a wonderful platform for learning and Halli has grown into a true “super-hero” who teaches moral values and a balanced lifestyle.

Stop hunger Now event 17 September

We are fortunate to be a part of the Stop Hunger Now event at Life church. It is a volunteer based meal packing event and their vision is a Southern Africa without hunger. Last year we were able to help families from the community with these nutritional meals.  Fun#feedingahungrychild


Welcome to our new learners.  We trust that you will enjoy making memories with us.


We celebrated the birthdays of Estelle (assistant) and Jolenda (chef).  Happy birthday!  We love sharing life with you.

Upcoming events

Our Grade R assistant  will celebrate her wedding in October.  Congratulations!  We trust that you will enjoy a memorable day and that you and your future husband will cherish every moment together.

Applications for 2016

We opened the waiting list for 2016.  Please encourage new parents to send their applications ASAP, because the places fill up quickly.

Open day

We will host an open day on 7 November 2015 from 10:00-12:00 at Op die Plaas Preschool.  Please book your space soon if you have a child between the age of 3 and 6.  On this day we will introduce the new parents to the team, we will share information about the school and also entertain the children in our classes.

We had a busy term.  We love and cherish each child and we are proud of their progress.  Thank you for your support and involvement in your child’s life.

Christelle Venter


Newsletter – July 2015

Welcome back after the holidays. The teachers had some rest and are eager to teach and create learning opportunities.


We would like to thank the  ladies from our congregation for the lovely knitted hats, scarves and gloves. We truly appreciate these gifts of love.   The children were so excited and they wear them regularly.

We would also like to thank Jan Gerber.  He has been giving his time by doing some maintenance work at the school.

Our local artist, Jane Barnes, blessed us with her talent by giving art lessons to the Grade R students.


We were fortunate to be a part of the Somerset Mall book fair for the second time.  Thank you to all the volunteers that served at the fair.  We made a lovely profit and the money raised will be used for expenses. We will keep you updated.


We are excited about the new partnership with the Heldervalley Community Centre.  The Centre was upgraded recently and the Grade R learners received their first computer class.  The students will receive a lesson each week.  Thank you to Gaenor, (manager at the Heldervalley community centre) Louise and the Community Centre for this opportunity.

Our two assistants, Estelle and Alicia, went on a basic Educare course at Masikhule Training Centre.  They returned with fresh motivation and skills.

Forever learning

The Principal, Christelle Venter, attended the National Curriculum course at the teachers College in Kuils River during the holidays.  We have been following the Education Department’s curriculum for two years and this course will enable us to keep up with government requirements.  We are excited to use new techniques and ideas.

Upcoming events

Carbootsale: 8 August 2015

Parents have requested  another carbootsale because it is a fun-filled day with lots of bargains.   The next one will be held on Saturday, 8 August from 9:00-10:30

Come and enjoy the day with us and meet parents and teachers.


We have some interesting themes this term and we are planning to go to:


Helderberg Farm.

A dentist will also be visiting the school.


We may not be able to prepare the future for our children, but we can prepare our children for the future.


Christelle Venter


Newsletter – April

The first term came to an end and we are grateful to see new and wonderful things happening.


We are proud of all our students!  They adapted well to the routine and they worked very hard.  The Grade R students learned some new sounds and they were introduced to new Numeracy concepts.

Honouring evening

Some of the staff joined Jo Swart and went to Preferred Future’s honouring evening.  We were motivated to see how many NPO’s and missionaries have a heart to make a difference in education.  The Principal, Christelle Venter also attended an educational workshop and she had the opportunity to connect with other schools.

Easter celebration

On 1 April the UCSA team visited our school and filled our hearts with Easter joy.  Thank you for your love and delicious Easter eggs. Thank you to False bay High for the generous donation of Easter eggs and all the other organizations who donated Easter eggs.

Thank you

Renovations are happening all the time and we would like to thank the following people:

-We received two brand new sandpits.  Thank you Judith Hendry  for making this possible.

-We are creating a balance pathway.  Thank you Jo Swart for the logs.

We would like to thank Judy Steenkamp for her time and creativity.  She designed and made an amazing water and ball activity board for the outdoor area.


We had our second carbootsale and we really enjoyed the time spent with parents and friends.Thank you to the staff that worked so hard.

Somerset Mall Charity bookfair:  July

We are fortunate to be a part of this bookfair for the second time.  This was a very successful fundraiser for our school last year. Feel free to donate any books, we will need a wide variety, especially children’s books.

Outing to the nursery

We had our first outing during the short holiday.  We went to the Habitat nursery and had a fun-filled day on the playground and enjoyed a milkshake treat.

We are looking forward to the term ahead and we are excited to continue our journey.

Thank you for your constant support and interest in Op die Plaas Preschool



Newsletter – February

Welcome to the new year at Op die Plaas Preschool. We have been so busy this last month – employing new staff and enjoying the new faces.

I would like to wish all the old and new parents as well as the children a blessed 2015. We know that you will enjoy every minute at our school. This year we are working towards 40 learners in the school. Both classes will have 20 learners with a teacher and an assistant each.

Monkeynastix and Modelling
We are so fortunate to have Monkeynastix at our school. The children partake in a class every week on a Wednesday. Monkeynastix is filled with fun exercises, games and physical skills.

We also have a wonderful modeling coach for the girls. She comes in on a Tuesday afternoon and teaches the girls about confidence, self-esteem and posture. We host a fashion show at the end of the year and the girls are already hard at work.

The school has its own play therapist. She has her own practice, but serves our school free of charge. She handles group sessions on a Friday.
We would like to thank Simone Feisli and guests at her guest house for assisting us with some renovations.

We have a training plan for our staff and with the help of Masikhule Educare centre we were able to send another staff member on a basic childcare course. The principal, Christelle Venter thrives on new information and ideas. She attended the first term’s ECD workshop and she will also be attending further CAPS training in July.

As always we want to thank all our staff and volunteers for the amazing work they are doing.

Newsletter: December

We ended the year on a high note with two successful events and we are so excited to share it with you all.

Modelling show

On 1 November 20 girls dressed up like princesses and showed the audience how hard they worked with Esmerelda this year. Esmerelda, their modeling coach worked on self-confidence this year and she is excited to continue with the classes in 2015.

End of year concert

During September we started planning our concert. Thank you to Michelle for the costumes, Jane for the backdrop, Gaenor and Bonita for putting the décor together.  The hall looked amazing. The concert was a huge success and we are proud staff and parents.

We also graduated our first 10 Grade R learners.  They were so excited to receive their red cap and certificate.

Thank you to everyone who contributed to making this evening a success and I would like to give a special thanks to Anita from Sweet temptations for the donation of toffees and to Peter Wrench for donating the graduation caps.

Noddy party

 Thank you to Shaun Van Zyl and the Round Table for inviting and sponsoring children from the Heldervalley community.  The children were very excited to sing and dance with their favorite cartoon characters and they were blessed with lovely gifts and snacks.

 Christmas party: 12 December

 Thank you to Life Church for organizing gifts for each child and sharing some Christmas spirit.  It is heartwarming to put a smile on a child’s face.


Thank you to False bay High school, Strand for choosing our school for their community project and for the generous food hamper.  We are excited to see how you take hands with us.


Grade R visit to Raithby Primary school

 We took 10 Grade R learners to Raithby Primary school for a visit. They were able to meet their Grade 1 teacher and get acquainted with the school grounds.

The staff and management of Op die Plaas Preschool wish you a Merry Christmas and a blessed New Year.  See you in 2015!

Newsletter: October

We are running the race to finish the last term!  I have mixed feelings as I type this letter. I am so excited to see all the growth taking place at the school, but also sad to say goodbye to the Grade R learners.  We are so proud of them!

Growth and support

-Our playground got a stone covering!  Thanks to Pierre du Preez for the generous donation of stone.  We do not have muddy feet anymore and the playground looks amazing!

-The grade R class received two brand new tables.  Thank you Bonita (one of our volunteers) and Panga Panga furniture.  The tables make a huge difference and work is done without frustration.

-Thank you to Clippa Sales for the donation of sweets. The children count the days for treat-Friday.

-We received a donation of books from the Heldervalley community centre. I always say: “success comes from reading” We are nurturing a love for reading.

New staff member

We would like to welcome Yolenda Phillips to our Op die Plaas team.  She is our new chef and aftercare teacher.  We know that we will share beautiful memories together

Upcoming events: 

Modelling show

 We are excited about our first fashion show!

When:  1 November


Where: Heldervalley community centre.

Tickets are for sale at the school

Well done Esmerelda (modelling coach)!  Thank you for investing your talents, time and love into the children at Op die Plaas Preschool.

School concert 2015

We are practicing for the school concert. Some of the children are experiencing a concert for the very first time!

When: 28 November 2014

Time: 18:30

Where: Heldervalley community centre.

Tickets are for sale at the school.

At this event we will also have a  graduation ceremony for the Grade R learners.

Thank you to the creative team for making the décor and costumes. We appreciate all the hard work.

Watch this space for all the exciting concert feedback



Newsletter: August

Time flies when you are having so much fun at the farm school! We had a busy holiday program and we were blessed with wonderful learning experiences.
Spur @Waterstone Mall Somerset West
The junior class went on an outing to the Spur. Thank you to the Spur manager who gave us a discount for our ice-cream treat. The air was filled with giggles while the children enjoyed themselves.
Puppet show @ Strand

The Grade R class had a fun-filled day at the library. Thank you to Brenda from Kidz Giggles Entertainment for the puppet show. The children enjoyed some  dancing, singing and stories.  Brenda also came to the school to give us a free lesson about choices.

Fire brigade outing

We went on an educational outing to the fire brigade in Strand.  The children’s faces lit up when they saw all the fire-engines and now everyone has a dream to become a fireman!

Play Therapist

We are so fortunate to have a play therapist, Lexi Norris, who volunteers her services on a weekly basis.  We promote good behavior and therefore she has helped both classes with positive disciplinary systems. She serves the school with individual therapy sessions as well.

Donations and commitment

 Thank you to the following people and organisations, you are changing lives:

Life Church, Somerset West for giving out meal packs from the Stop Hunger campaign.We receive letters of thanks from the parents on a daily basis;

Toni Baxter made tracksuits to keep the girls warm

Marge duPreez knitted beautiful jerseys

ECHO,an umbrella organization for the Helderberg blessed the staff members with winter goodies

Anne Allan knitted scarves for each child;

Boys from Paul Roos Gymnasium volunteered as part of their life skills course;

Monkeynastix for the weekly classes, t-shirts and certificates

Our creative team, Ezmerelda and Jacqui for teaching modeling and dancing on a weekly basis.

A warm thanks to all the volunteers and individuals that bring treats and stationary supplies.

Upcoming events


When: 30 August 2014

Where:  Op die Plaas Preschool

Time:  10:00-11:00

Please support this fundraiser, we will have a large variety of clothing and household items on sale.


Newsletter: July

Cape Town is transformed into a winter-wonderland again and we stand in awe of God’s beauty. I hope you are warm enough.


We had the opportunity to be a part of the book fair at the Somerset West Mall.  Volunteers and staff worked very hard and we are excited to say that it was a huge success. It was a wonderful time to connect with different organizations and to get more people involved with Op die Plaas Preschool.


We were privileged to have two special volunteers, Nobsie Sibanda, the director from Preferred Future and her colleague, Patrick, who were able to connect with the children and staff. Thank you for your interest and involvement.

We have two brand new volunteers, Bonita and Claire. Welcome! You are doing an awesome job. Our other angel, Mel de Bruin, volunteers on a Monday and Wednesday and she is our angel from above.

Craft market 28 June – Life Church Somerset-West

Jolieta Kruger is hosting a craft market at Life Church. You received a pamphlet in the communication book. Come and be a part of this event, there will be entertainment for the children. The proceeds will go to Op die Plaas Preschool.

Donations and commitment

Thank you to the following organisations. You are changing lives.

The BP in Somerset-West, across from the church donates fresh produce on a regular basis.

Somerset-West Night Shelter donated fresh oranges, blankets and pillows.

Jolieta Kruger, our menu planner plans, and delivers the weekly ingredients. Thanks to her, your child receives two warm meals a day.