Newsletter 1: February 2016

Welcome to a new year, filled with excitement and learning!  We, at Op die Plaas Preschool were working around the clock to improve the learning environment. We kicked off the year with 55 children and we are fortunate to make an impact in their lives.

Thank you

First of all we would like to thank the Sanctomonia partners, Stuart Hunter and Rikus Badenhorst for their generous donation!  We were able to upgrade and improve our school. We are so thankful and the children enjoy the new space.

Thank you to Pierre du Preez for the paving and built-up area in the playground. It makes a huge difference to the play area and surroundings.

Thank you to Phil Bristow and his partner for all the hard work with the basement.  We will soon be able to use that basement for an aftercare facility.

Thank you to Jane Barnes for the beautiful mural.  The wall looks so bright and colourful – it is a pleasure to walk down the stairs in the morning.

Thank you to Edward Bennett for helping us with our administration.  He is also involved at the Heldervalley Community Centre and he will be playing an important role in the Grade R computer literacy program. Thank you Jo Swart!  You are precious! Thank you for all the hours spent driving, organizing and working to make this possible. Last but not least we would like to thank all the volunteers for serving us during this time.

We have upgraded our entrance and existing jungle gym and also received another jungle gym. We tiled the Grade R class and office and we are amazed to see the difference.   Xavier (a local handyman) has diligently removed the tiles from the ablution blocks and we will soon be able to upgrade those bathrooms.

New staff and substitute

We would like to thank Marissa for standing in at the Grade 0 class.  All your hard work to lay a foundation is highly appreciated.  We employed a new Grade 0 teacher, Tonya Spammer and we are excited to have her on our team. We also employed an assistant, Lizelle and a substitute for Estelle.  Welcome to all – we are proud of you!

Parent meeting

We had our first parent meeting and 35 enthusiastic parents attended.


We celebrated our third birthday on 22 January.  Thank you Jolieta, Janine and Shannon for the cakes as well as the UCSA team who arrived with balloons and games.  We are so grateful to look back and see where we are now!

Taking hands

Our church, Life Church, has another pre-school and this year we will be supporting each other more. I have been appointed as Principal of Little days as well and I am proud to say that we are building a relationship with the staff there.


We are fortunate to be sponsored for the third year and Sanet, the instructor has already done 3 classes.

Upcoming events

On 12 February we will have a Valentine’s picnic at the school and on 25 and 26 February we will be going on our first outing to Helderberg Farm.  We are looking forward to the outdoor area and a picnic.

After this mouthful, I invite you all to stay connected to our Facebook page, because something interesting will always happen at Op die Plaas Pre-school!

Christelle Venter (Principal