Newsletter-June 2017

“Let your light shine before others, that they may see your good deeds and glorify your father in heaven” Matthew 5:16

I started with this verse today, because this is the theme of the year and  we as a school experience it on a daily basis.  The second term was filled with people who decided to shine a little brighter.

Easter outreach

The March holiday started with an Easter outreach from Life Church.  I have never in the five years seen so many people arriving at our school.  The children enjoyed the attention and of course the chocolates. We also received chocolate treats from False bay High school and his team of volunteers.

Helping Animals Together

Our lovely Friend Kim from HAT visited our school during Pets week.  She talked about taking care of your pet and her two rescue dogs, parrot and hamsters came along.  The success of these visits lie in the fact that we see the children’s confidence grow.  The teachers had tears in their eyes to see the children overcome their fears.

 Waterfront Aquarium

We had the biggest outing of the year when we went to the aquarium!  Thanks to Carrin Blake (aquarium manager) and Life church who made this outing possible.  The children were in awe and afterwards we received a compliment from the aquarium that stated that they rarely experience such a well-mannered school.  Yeah! to the teachers and parents – keep up the good work.

Halli visit

Halli, the mascot and Heidi Naude came for a visit and she gave a much needed talk about bullying.  This is a world-wide issue and we cannot ignore it.  We are so grateful to be in a relationship with Heidi and Halli.

Thank you

During the term we received donations and we met new volunteers. . Thank you to the ladies knitting group from Life church who knitted a bag of teddy bears.  Each teddy bear is unique and comes with a prayer for the birthday child.


The Preschool is a very busy place and sometimes children need extra help in certain areas.  Thank you to Benita Alant (Speech therapist) who drives all the way out here to help some children.

Students from Helderberg College served us for a few days and the extra hands helped a lot.

Upcoming events

Book fair @the Mall 27-30 July

This will be our third book fair and it is one of the important  fundraisers for the school.  We have a stall at the Somerset West Mall during that time.  Please remember those dates and support us.

Thank you to the teachers and children who worked so hard this term.

Reports and holiday program will be handed out on 30 June.  The school will be open during the holidays, but we will be closed from 17-21 July.


God bless

Christelle Venter