Newsletter-September 2018

“Fathers, do not provoke your children to anger, but bring them up in the discipline and instruction of the Lord.”  Ephesians 6:4

Thank you for your support with your kids’ outings and puppet shows. I am so proud of our children and they learnt a lot from these educational events.

The Western Cape Health Department will visit our Grade R’s tomorrow, 13th of September, to give them there required immunization. They will also give the Vitamin A and de-worming drops to those children who missed their previous visit. To enable the Dept. to do their job you, as parents, must complete and sign the attached form and send it back tomorrow with your child’s Road-To-Health-Book (Clinic Card).

We are currently practicing for the annual year-end concert. Although there is a short school holiday during the first week of October, our pre-school will still go on as normal. Please try not to keep your child out of school for the up-coming holiday, as we really need this time to practice for the concert. I will soon send information letters out regarding the concert. We have a booking for the concert to be held on Saturday 17th November 2018 at the new Life Church building in Somerset West.


There are only two months left to continue and complete our Fund Raiser Competition. As from next week Monday we will go full speed ahead with the competition to win the bicycles. The winners will be announced at the concert. Please make sure that your child’s communication book is in their school bag and check it every day for important information regarding your child, fund raiser forms, events, etc.  

We are experiencing a very long Winter; where our kiddies are suffering from running noses as well as runny tummies. We urge you to send a box of tissues, two toilet rolls and baby wipes with your child. Our kiddies are also working very hard in class and do a lot of educational fun activities. It will be appreciated if you can also send more glue sticks and twist wax crayons. 

We attached a little plastic bank-bag to your child’s communication book; this will be used for tuck shop money, fees, etc. Clearly write your child’s name on any envelope you might send us.  This process will make our task easier to collect the money and will prevent confusion and lost money.


God Bless!




(Cell no: 064 220 1023)