Newsletter-October 2018

We are entering the last term of the year. A lot of exciting events are waiting upon us in this term.

Tune your ears to wisdom, and concentrate on understanding.  Proverbs 2:2

Important Dates

  • 15 October: Parent’s evening from 6:30pm until 8pm, to collect report cards, discuss school photos, concert, debutant ball and Grade R ‘s graduation ceremony.
  • 18 October: Photo Day
  • 9 NovemberClosing date for Donation/raffle form
  • 17 November: Concert, Debutant Ball & Graduation ceremony.
  • 28 November: Educational visit from A Edutainment.
  • 7 December: Christmas Surprise visit from Milkwood Learning Academy.
  • 12 December: School ends. Collection of final Report Card.

Donation/Raffle Forms

It is also part of the fund raiser and where your child stand the chance to win a bicycle at our Big Three-In-One event on the 17th of November. This time there will be lots of prizes to be won, not just for the children but for our parents as well. Closing date for this form will be on the 9th of November 2018. More information will be discussed at our parents’ meeting.

Parents Evening

Please note that Parent’s evening will be held on Monday 15th of October 2018 from 6:30 for 7pm until 8pm at Op Die Plaas Preschool, Cordoba road. Each parent will assembly in their child’s classroom, no later than 7pm, where the class teachers will discuss all the procedures for our Big Upcoming Three-In-One Event. The Concert, Debutant Ball and Graduation Ceremony.  Report cards for term 3 will be distributed at your child’s class room. If there are any concerns regarding your child’s progress, you are welcome to discuss it before or after the class meeting. (Meeting must start at 7pm sharp!)


We will discuss it thoroughly with you at the parents’ evening. In the meantime it will be appreciated if you can buy Angel Wings which you can find at the Chinese shops @R45. These shops also sell Bow Ties for the boys that cost between R8 and R12. One of our Gr. R learner’s mom, Noloyiso Mboxwana, also sell Bow Ties (High Quality) between R25 and R35 and you can order with her via Whats App (072 965 8236). I will send photos of the Angel Wings and Bow Ties on our Whats App Parents’ Group.

Stationary – Term 4

In the start of each new term we run out of glue, crayons are used up, toilet and tissue supplies are very low. We are asking and reminding you to supply your child with the necessary items to bring to school, according to the stationary list we gave to you in the beginning of the year. 

Stationary List: 

  • 1 packet Monami  crayons /Can be any brand but must be the retractable wax crayons.(Gr.R & RR);  For some reason we are short on the colour red – if by any chance someone can supply us with a lot of red wax crayons, we will really be so blessed.
  • 1 packet Jumbo crayons (Jnr. Class); 
  • Wipes (Jnr. Class);      
  • 1 Box of Tissues,                               
  • 2 Toilet rolls
  • 1 Big (Pritt) glue stick. In urgent need of glue, please!


  1. (Marked) Water Bottle for our oncoming hot Summer. 
  2. Healthy lunch box for your little one.
  3. Extra set of clean clothing in a plastic bag.
  4. Let your children go to bed, not later than 8 o’clock. They are practicing very hard for the Concert and need their rest.


I want to take this opportunity to thank you for your ongoing support and to encourage all parents to attend our preschool’s final parents’ meeting on Monday 15 October 2018.


God Bless!




(Cell no: 064 220 1023)